ACT Workshop
Starting 6/14/2023 at 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM
Event Groups:
• ESC of Lorain County - ESC
Maximize ACT Assessments & Data for Student Success

Join Vicki Thompson-Campbell, ACT State Lead for Ohio on Wednesday, June 14th for an opportunity to analyze your schools’ data focusing on your most recent junior results and trend data for the ACT. This is a great chance to take full advantage of the comprehensive information available to Ohio schools.  Mike Longo, Director of the Lorain County Workforce Development Agency will be participating in the workshop and sharing information related to the local Work Ready Community.

This free workshop will offer: 
A basic understanding of the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards as the foundation for maximizing the return on your testing
- Insights on how each assessment plays a valuable role in monitoring and measuring true college and     career readiness
- Steps to efficiently analyze and share your data among all stakeholders
- Ways to engage students and recognize their achievement
- An opportunity to network and share ideas with peers

Participants will leave the session with:
- A deeper understanding of the value of ACT assessments for all stakeholders from school to family to     community
- Knowledge to effectively communicate this value to other educators and staff, students, and families
- Concrete ideas for helping motivate students and set goals
- Knowledge of how to use data from ACT assessments for multiple purposes including benchmarking in   grades 8-12
- A copy of the newly released Alignment Guide – Linking the ACT and Ohio Learning Standards

This free, interactive workshop is ideal for district and school leaders, curriculum and instruction staff, and college and career readiness staff looking to deepen their understanding of the ACT assessments and data.  Participants are encouraged to bring their mobile device and follow along during a brief demo of the online reporting tool.

Contact:  Vicki Thompson-Campbell - v[email protected] 

Educational Service Center, 1885 Lake Ave., Elyria