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New OTES 2.0 Training

Efforts will be made to place participants from the same district in common courses per session. 

Registration Information:

=      Individual registration is required.

=         Needed during registration:

O   Educator State ID (OH|ID portal)

O   Your most recent OTES Credential (NIET portal)

Online Credentialing à  Re-Calibration Test à Credentialing History
      You will upload it during the registration so have it ready!

Things to consider:

=         To be eligible for OTES 2.0 Bridge Training, participants must have been credentialed as evaluators under OTES 1.0.  This credential need not be current.

=         Districts not implementing OTES 2.0 during the 2020-2021 school year may elect to register evaluators for this virtual training.

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