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Resident Educator

Resident Educator Program for beginning teachers is being offered through ESCLC in collaboration with Cuyahoga County ESC.

The Ohio Resident Educator Program provides beginning teachers with four years of formal support which includes instructional mentoring. The support is designed to foster the beginning teacher’s sense of autonomy and efficacy through self assessments, mentor observations and feedback, analysis and use of student data along with goal setting. Successful completion of the four year residency is required to advance to a five year professional license.

Professional Growth and Development

Year 1

In the first year, Resident Educators are introduced to the life of teaching. The Resident Educator Program provides instructional one-to-one mentoring, as well as the emotional support needed to accelerate the professional growth of Resident Educators.

Year 2

As Resident Educators move into the second year of teaching they begin to identify with the life of teaching. Differentiated support is provided in the form of flexible mentor models including one-to-one mentoring, co-teaching, and collaborative cohorts. These models create an environment of inquiry which provides avenues for Resident Educators to shift their thinking from routine processes of examination to in-depth concepts of analysis.

Year 3

Resident Educators are now inducted into the full life of teaching. They continue to deepen their understanding of teaching and learning through support from facilitative mentoring during preparation for the performance-based summative assessment or through support from existing differentiated mentoring models.

Year 4

Resident Educators now have a deepened understanding of teaching and learning as a reciprocal, collaborative, and ongoing journey. Upon successful completion of the summative assessment, REs become more autonomous as they begin to explore teacher leadership opportunities within and beyond the Resident Educator Program.

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