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Fingerprinting/Background Check

Services are provided at our center | 1885 Lake Ave., Elyria (directions)

Schedule an appointment or walk-in* 
Summer Hours - 7:30am - 3:30pm(May 28-Aug. 20, 2019)
Call 440-324-5777 and choose option 1
*If you are a walk-in, there is a possiblity that the machine is down or off-site and not available.

Our fingerprinting is done electronically and transmitted directly to the BCI (Ohio check) and the FBI (Federal check).

The results can be automatically transmitted to the Ohio Department of Education, when applicable. On occasion, an electronic image cannot be successfully captured. If this happens, we are trained to use the inking method and mail the card to the bureau.

Items needed at the appointment:
  • Background Information Form (available at your district’s Board of Education, at our center, or click on the form link and print).
  • Valid Photo ID:  Driver’s License,  Passport, State ID Card or school photo ID
  • Cash, check or money order made payable to ESCLC. No cards


BCI only (Ohio) - $32.00
FBI only (Federal) - 34.00
BCI & FBI - $60.00
IF UNDER 18 Years Old, please bring the following:
- A parent/guardian must be present to sign waiver
- Your social security number
- Your photo ID (driver's license, school photo ID or State ID)
- Cash, check or money order 

On-site Fingerprinting at Your Location:

The organization must call Pam Gamble at 440.324.5777, ext. 1113 to schedule an on-site session. In order to provide this service, our ESC fingerprinting personnel must work very closely with your organization.

There are a few critical elements that will need to be arranged for this event to be successful:

Organization cost:

  • $125 up to a 4 hour session
  • $25 for each additional hour

The ESCLC will invoice the organization after the session has occurred.

Participant cost:

  • $65.00 for both Ohio and FBI Background Checks.
  • $37.00 for FBI Only

Participants will be responsible for this fee unless otherwise indicated by the organization.

  • We will need your assistance in connecting our laptop computer to your organization’s network.
  • We will need internet access. Therefore, it will be imperative to have your district IT person meet our fingerprinting personnel upon arrival.
  • We will need a table or desk that is located near an electrical outlet to set up our equipment.
  • We will also need a district contact person to schedule the appointments for your staff. The actual fingerprinting process goes very quickly (approx. 5 to 10 minutes per person), This, however, requires a little foresight and preparation.
  • Each person will need the following completed and available upon arriving for their fingerprinting appointment:
  • Completed Release Form (forms will be provided to the organization prior to your session).
  • Driver’s License or State ID Card
  • Check or Money Order made payable to ESCLC or cash

Fingerprinting Agents

Pam GamblePam Gamble
440.324.5777 ext. 1113

Debbie Sawicki
440.324.5777 ext. 1147